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Auto Home and Personal Insurance

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Auto and Personal Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

Short of wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and living in a hermetically sealed dome, you’ll likely face a few risks in your daily life.

At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we understand that bad things sometimes happen to your cars, homes, and other property. After working hard to own the things you have, you deserve to have some protection in place for those items.

Our hometown agents in Willmar, Cokato, and New London, MN love where we live. We listen to your needs – to learn which policies and coverages are appropriate for you. And we maintain a steady and supportive relationship with all our clients long after we secure the policy.

As an independent insurance agency, our loyalty is to our clients, not to an insurance company. This freedom is why we can provide excellent service to our clients through every stage of their lives.

When considering an auto or personal insurance policy, we invite you to discover what we have to offer:

  • Agents who listen carefully to your needs and wants when it comes to covering your valuable purchases
  • A wide range of coverage options, deductibles, and extras to give you the peace of mind you deserve
  • Competitive premiums
  • Multi-policy and multi-line discounts
  • Regular coverage checks to ensure you get the best deal available on all your policies
  • Quick response and prompt payments on claims

Lake Region Insurance Stands Out in Greater Minnesota

Our owners and agents live, work, and play in the New London, Willmar, and Cokato, MN communities. We thrive on our deep roots in Greater Minnesota, and we love nothing more than helping our fellow Minnesotans protect all they’ve worked for with superior insurance coverage.

Your homes, cabins, cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and collectible autos are safe in our hands. Plus, if you need liability coverage for a rental property, we specialize in meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We have more than 50 years of experience providing every type of insurance policy for our friends and neighbors. And we are proud to deliver the best in coverage and claims service at all of our agency locations.

Our priority is you, our customer. With independence comes the power to research the insurance market at large for the best policies and premiums to fit your budget and coverage needs precisely.

Plus, we encourage regular policy check-ups to be sure your coverage meets your needs, and you get the best deal on premiums and multi-policy discounts. As your life changes, your insurance needs change. We are here to help you stay covered and up-to-date.

Stop In to Say, “Hello”

We love getting to know our neighbors. Stop in to see us or call to set up an appointment. We can’t wait to get acquainted and discover what’s most important to you. 

Our agents are ready to help you understand the coverage you need and ensure you breathe easy with your policy choice. We have your back when Mother Nature, other drivers, or shady characters try to turn your life and property upside down. 

Put your trust in Lake Region Insurance Agency for superior coverage and peace of mind.

Auto And Personal Insurance FAQs

Do I need full coverage car insurance?

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Full coverage car insurance describes a combination of policies. Some are mandated by state law — this typically includes things like bodily injury liability, which covers injuries or deaths resulting from an accident that was your fault. Property damage you cause in an at-fault accident is frequently compulsory.

Full coverage also includes repair costs to your vehicle from random accidents or if your car is stolen. Full coverage auto insurance isn't required by law on a vehicle you own but might be necessary on a car with a loan— check out our guide on car insurance or contact us today.

Do I need full-time RV insurance?

RV insurance

Purchasing an RV is exciting, but drivers often assume that regular auto insurance will cover the RV. Specialist policies are available for RVs but must be negotiated separately from standard auto coverage.

Likewise, home insurance doesn't cover an RV even if you live in it — you must still obtain specialist RV coverage.

Lake Region has many years of experience providing advice on RVs, and the best idea is to get in touch to learn more before you purchase an RV.
You can also consult our guide to purchasing and insuring an RV.

Does auto insurance cover pothole damage?

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Pothole damage to your vehicle is more than a nuisance — it can leave you with a large repair bill for something that shouldn't be there in the first place.

While we agree that the state of some of our roads needs to be addressed, it's important to remember that many policies won't cover you for pothole damage. Full coverage or a policy including collision coverage will protect you from expensive repair bills, but a third-party damage policy (the minimum coverage required in most states) will not.

Can I get auto insurance after being declared a high-risk driver in Minnesota?

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The short answer is yes — but it depends on the insurer and will typically be more expensive. It's important to remember that "high-risk driver" isn't a definitive assessment. The level of risk can change over a person's lifetime.

Insurance companies consider drivers on a sliding scale of risk management, from very low (no-fault crashes, no record of speeding or risky behavior, etc.) to very high (multiple DUIs or speeding tickets, multiple at-fault crashes, etc.).

How does auto insurance determine total loss?

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Each time you set up or renew an auto insurance policy, your insurance carrier will estimate the total worth of the vehicle.

When your vehicle has been in an accident, the insurers will call in experts to assess the vehicle and offer an estimate for the cost of repairs.
If the cost of repairs exceeds the worth of the vehicle, it will be declared a total loss. Instead of repairs, you will receive a sum equal to the vehicle's last valuation when a total loss is declared.

Will auto insurance cover my ATV accident?

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As with RVs, car insurance doesn't cover an ATV. However, affordable policies for ATVs are available and protect against hazards that your auto policy would not

An ATV faces significantly different risks from a vehicle that only drives on roads. These added risks mean that insurers need to use a different calculation to estimate the chance of damage.

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