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ATV Insurance

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ATV Insurance Provided by Lake Region Insurance

When you’re cruising the Minnesota back trails, off-roading around the lake, or finishing yard work and other projects, the last thing you want to worry about is your ATV. It’s a necessary tool for your lifestyle. Lake Region Insurance Agency provides the ATV insurance you need with the quality service you want.

All-Terrain Vehicles: Your Best Friend for the Minnesota Life

All-Terrain Vehicles are both functional and entertaining, especially if you thrive on country or farm living. An ATV is your best friend all year round for:

  • Transporting supplies over significant acreage
  • Plowing snow
  • Maintenance of the back forty
  • Carrying firewood
  • Checking your property
  • Fencing
  • Spreading seed in the spring or salt in the winter
  • Traversing ice on the lake for fishing or pleasure riding

Plus, your ATV is your ticket to fun if you love camping, hunting, or merely tooling around in the woods. 

When you insure your ATV with our Minnesota insurance agency, you can breathe easy. We know ATV insurance inside and out. There are several different types of policies on the market, depending on the specific vehicle you have and how you use it. 

Our experienced local agents make sure they find the coverage you need at the best price possible.

ATV Safety First

Of course, at Lake Region, we encourage safety first on all ATVs. Be sure to wear a helmet when riding on the trails or ice. Follow local warnings and guidelines for going on frozen lakes and watch out for thin ice.

Also, double-check your favorite hunting tract to ensure your ATV is legal there. Pay attention to state and federal regulations for hunting seasons. Camp responsibly, observe forest fire warnings and tread lightly. And please leave your campsite cleaner than when you arrived.

Even though you’re taking safety precautions with your ATV use, we know accidents still happen. We customize our ATV policies for vehicle, property, and medical damages. We also account for the possibility of uninsured or underinsured motorists. 

We offer competitive policy pricing and a choice of deductibles to work with your budget. We also provide liability policies to cover you if you’re at fault in an accident.

Our comprehensive policies cover your ATV in the event of an accident, theft, fire, and other disasters.  

Local Agents, Local Service

We have your back for nearly any ATV mishap at Lake Region Insurance Agency. Our agents know and love Greater Minnesota. We love serving our customers with business values that stand the test of time. 

Our agents serve you. We do not work for one particular insurance company. Rather, we can offer the best option from a range of choices and insurers. We’re on your side for speedy loss reporting and fair, prompt payment. We serve ATV riders in New London, Willmar, and Cokato.

We build long-lasting relationships with our customers because we have their best interests and security at heart. Choosing Lake Region means becoming part of our family. We prioritize your coverage, our service to you, and getting it all for you at the right price.

Contact us today to request a free insurance quote.

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