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Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle Insurance Provided by Lake Region Insurance

Do you love feeling the wind in your hair? Does your idea of a perfect Saturday involve an open road and your motorcycle? If so, you need to consider a motorcycle insurance policy.

Whether you are ready to buy your first bike or you’re a pro who has ridden for years, proper insurance is too important to skip. When you purchase motorcycle insurance, you protect yourself from some of the financial risks involved with riding a motorcycle. 

From injury to property damage, cover yourself with a policy from the independent Minnesota insurance agents at Lake Region Insurance Agency. Give us a call for a free review of your insurance needs. We can look over all of your policies to make sure you receive the best deal with the most coverage.

Why Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Driving a motorcycle carries a higher risk than driving a car. What would be a fender bender in a car could be significantly worse on your bike. So it’s best to be thorough in your coverage. 

As a motorcycle rider, you likely take precautions before you get on your bike. You ensure there is enough air in the tires, that your helmet is secure, that the weather conditions are safe, and more.

So why would you drive without motorcycle insurance? Here are the main reasons to get this vital insurance:

  • Medical Bills – If you are in an accident, having appropriate insurance guarantees that you will not have to pay all your medical bills out of pocket. These expenses pile up quickly, so make sure you have adequate coverage.
  • Injury to Others – If another person is injured in an accident you cause, you could be paying for their medical bills. Insurance helps to cover these costs so that you do not have to pay for all of it yourself.
  • Total Loss – If your motorcycle sustains total damage in an accident, insurance will pay to replace your bike.
  • Collision Coverage – This piece of a motorcycle insurance policy covers you if you run into another vehicle or other property. 

Motorcycle insurance is very similar to car insurance. You meet with an agent to discuss the amount of coverage you need or want. Each state sets the minimum amount of liability coverage a biker must have. And you will have other options beyond that. Your broker can help you determine the best plan for your needs.

Call Lake Region Insurance Agency Today

If you already have motorcycle insurance and are worried you are paying too much, call Lake Region today. We will go over your policy to ensure that we find the best price and coverage available.

If you have a motorcycle and no insurance, call us before you hit the road again. We will make sure you have sufficient coverage and that you don’t break any laws by driving uninsured.

We know the unexpected can happen, but we can help you prepare for it. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having all your ducks in a row so that you can hit the road with confidence.

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