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Personal Umbrella Insurance

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Personal Umbrella Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

Do you ever worry about accidents that could create liability issues at your house or when you’re out and about? Maybe you fret about the possibility of injury to a neighbor’s child while they jump on your trampoline or a delivery person who trips over toys left in the yard. You can have some protection against negligence claims with a personal umbrella insurance policy.

The fact is that lawsuits frequently happen in our society. When accidents and injuries occur, there is a risk of someone filing a claim against you. Give yourself some peace of mind with a personal umbrella policy.

Lake Region Insurance Agency has served the Willmar, New London, and Cokato, MN communities since 1970. We commit to finding you the right policies for your needs and protection. Call us today to schedule a free insurance review. Our customers are also our neighbors, and we’re always on your side.

Fill the Gaps With Personal Umbrella Insurance

An Umbrella Insurance policy, also called Excess Liability, helps to cover you in our litigious society. The purpose of this type of policy is for situations with substantial claims or liability judgments. It begins where your auto or homeowners policy ends. 

Your auto and home policies have coverage limits that may not cover extensive medical bills, property damage, or lost wages. Your assets could be at significant risk in a lawsuit.

A Personal umbrella insurance policy can kick in to cover negligence claims stemming from accidents or losses occurring on your property, in your home, or while you’re on the road in your vehicle. They can also supplement your coverage on other items and locations like boats, small watercraft,  ATV’s, hunting land, or snowmobiles.

This policy adds layers of coverage in the millions of dollars, and also applies to tragic accidents that result in loss of life or life-altering injuries. Further, your umbrella insurance policy may also cover legal fees and court costs associated with a lawsuit.

Do I Need Personal Umbrella Insurance?

You’ve put in the time and effort to build your net worth and to own the property and assets you’ve always wanted. So it makes sense to protect them as thoroughly as you can. Supplementing the coverage limits in your existing policies is a smart choice to ensure the continuation of your lifestyle if an accident or tragedy occurs.

We recommend umbrella insurance for clients who have at least one of the following:

  • A net worth of one million dollars or more
  • A paid-for home or other real estate
  • A sizeable retirement savings
  • Rental property 
  • Multiple assets like luxury cars, boats, RV’s, aircraft, and more

Check In With Us for Peace of Mind

The best way to determine your coverage needs is to schedule a free insurance review at one of our office locations in Willmar, New London, or Cokato, MN. 

We take pride in providing insurance in Greater Minnesota, and we couldn’t be more grateful for our loyal customer base. Prompt claims service, policy savings, and earning your trust are what we do best. Because of these priorities, our clients stay in the Lake Region family for years.

We’re an independent agency, which means we serve you, not the insurance companies. We have the freedom to search the current market for policies that fit your stage of life, coverage needs, and budget. 

Partner with Lake Region Insurance Agency for life-long peace of mind. Drop in for a free consultation, and we’ll listen carefully to your history, your concerns, and your needs. 

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