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Valuable Items Insurance

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Valuable Items Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

It may come as a surprise, but not all home insurance policies will protect your heirlooms or other valuable items. This exclusion is usually due to the unique and irreplaceable nature of the objects. In addition, many valuables come with a high price tag. It’s essential to find out if you need a separate policy for valuable items insurance.

Making sure that you have sufficient coverage is essential for your financial security, peace of mind, and safety. The Lake Region Insurance Agency staff can provide a free insurance review and help you get all the protection you deserve. Give us a call to check your rates.

What Is Valuable Items Insurance?

As the name suggests, this insurance covers you if high-value items are lost, damaged, or stolen. This category can include jewelry, artwork, watches, and antiques. High-tech equipment such as televisions and sound systems may also have protection in this type of policy. Adequate coverage is vital for these special and unique items.

Do I Need Valuable Items Insurance?

Taking care of your valuables should be a priority. You don’t want to be in the situation of saying, ‘if only’ once a disaster has occurred. 

Most content insurance policies have an upper limit for the individual contents of a home. Usually, there is a cap of about $1500. This restriction means that certain valuables, particularly artwork, jewelry, and antiques, are unlikely to be covered. To ensure coverage, you most likely will need to take out a dedicated, specialized policy.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Valuable Items Insurance?

There are a couple of things you might need to provide before your insurance policy can take effect:

  • Expert Appraisal – Most insurance policies for high-value items will require an appraisal by a professional. This overview helps to ensure that owners have the right level of coverage. An art dealer, jewelry specialist, or antique expert will appraise your goods to assess their real value for insurance purposes.
  • Proof of Purchase – Your policy will probably require you to show proof of purchase, such as an original receipt or invoice. This helps to prevent fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Photographic Evidence – Some insurance providers will require a photographic inventory of your items at the time you take out the policy. Again, this is an anti-fraud precaution to protect both parties. It stops false claims and also helps to ensure that payouts are correct.

What Can We Do?

Here at Lake Region Insurance Agency, we are specialists in helping you find the right policies for your needs. As independent insurance brokers, we are not obligated to a particular firm or brand. This allows us the freedom to find the best possible coverage for your needs and situation. 

When you have valuable items that you want to protect, we are here to make sure that happens. Our expert agents are on hand to review your policies so that you have the coverage you need in place. Call us today for a free consultation and enjoy the peace of mind it brings.

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