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Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance Provided by Lake Region Insurance

If you own a business, you probably have a vehicle that you or an employee uses for business purposes. Maybe you even have a fleet of cars or trucks for your business. Did you know that if you have a business vehicle, you probably are required to have commercial auto insurance?

There are a few circumstances when you can use your private auto insurance, but those are the exceptions. Chances are you need commercial auto insurance to protect yourself and your investment.

At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we specialize in all types of insurance, including commercial auto insurance. If you have vehicles you use for work purposes, check in with us to make sure you have the right protection in place.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

A commercial auto insurance plan provides coverage for vehicles that are used exclusively for business purposes. This coverage is to protect the business owner from both property damage and liability.

It is risky to use a private vehicle with personal auto coverage for business purposes. If an accident occurs, your personal insurance likely won’t cover the costs of any damage or liability.

As a business owner, you can cover a single vehicle or an entire fleet. Whatever your business needs, you can find a policy to protect you. Check with the independent agents at Lake Region to learn your options.

Your broker can customize a commercial auto policy to fit your business needs. Moreover, you can choose optional coverages to ensure your vehicles have adequate coverage. Whether damage comes from weather, other people, or something else, you need to have protection.

Commercial auto insurance policies can also cover the costs associated with accidents caused by an employee. If injury or damage occurs because of an accident caused by your vehicle, commercial auto insurance will kick in to cover you.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Include?

Just as with private car insurance, you have a variety of policies available to consider. Working with an independent Lake Region agent will ensure you have the coverage you need.

There are many types of coverage to discuss with your agent, including:

  • Property Damage Liability – This coverage applies to damage caused to another vehicle or property in a collision, such as a fence or building.
  • Personal Injury Protection – Also known as PIP, a policy like this covers you, your employees, or those outside of your business.
  • Collision Coverage for Accidents – This plan applies whether or not you or an employee are at fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This plan covers damage caused by something other than an accident, such as a hailstorm.
  • Medical Coverage -This type of policy helps pay for hospitalization or funeral expenses.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Coverage – This option kicks in if the other driver in a collision does not have any insurance or does not have adequate amounts of coverage.
  • Coverage for Rented Vehicles – This plan pays for rental vehicles while yours is in the shop after a collision or damage.
  • Towing Costs – This option pays for the cost of towing a commercial vehicle after an accident or other damage.

Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you likely need commercial auto insurance.

  • Do you use a vehicle to transport people or merchandise for a fee?
  • Do you use your vehicle to conduct a paid service?
  • Does the type of work you do require increased liability coverage?
  • Do you use your vehicle to haul heavy loads or equipment or to tow a trailer used for business purposes?
  • Do employees operate the vehicle?
  • Does your company own the vehicle?
  • Do you use a vehicle to generate revenue for your business?

When you talk with your Lake Region agent, they will guide you to the best policy for your needs.

Call Lake Region Agency Today

If you own a business and own vehicles that you or your employees use for commercial purposes, you need commercial auto insurance. Call the experts at Lake Region Insurance Agency today. We can meet all your personal and commercial policy needs so that you have the protection you deserve.

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