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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

As a business owner in Greater Minnesota, it’s essential that you evaluate your commercial insurance policies regularly. As you grow your customer base or expand into new locations, you open yourself up to increased liability. Adding a commercial umbrella insurance policy to your coverage can help fill crucial gaps in the event of litigation.

At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we understand the needs of growing businesses. We’ve been working with business owners in the Willmar, New London, and Cokato, MN communities for over 50 years. Our success depends on providing your peace of mind.

Reach out today to schedule a free insurance analysis with one of our knowledgeable agents. We work alongside you to protect your business with the precise liability coverage you need in today’s litigious culture.

Why Would I Need a Commercial Umbrella Policy?

All owners should carry a general liability policy to protect their organization from lawsuits. But basic liability policies typically have low coverage limits.

For example, let’s say your current policy will pay claims up to $1 million in medical bills, damages, and legal fees if you’re found liable for an injury on your property. 

If the plaintiff in the lawsuit receives a $1.5 million reward, you must cover that $500,000 gap out-of-pocket. An expense like this will put many companies out of business. But with a commercial umbrella policy, you can avoid that vulnerability.

A commercial umbrella policy can add layers of protection if an incident costs more than the limits of your general liability insurance. There are several types to consider, based on the business you own:

  • Fire Legal Liability Insurance – This option covers you for liability if there is a fire in your owned or leased space.
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability – These types of coverage apply when someone in your company uses a vehicle that the business doesn’t own to conduct company business. For example, it protects you when you use a car that the business leases or when employees use their vehicles to do company work.
  • Liquor Liability – This coverage applies to injury claims when your business serves alcohol.
  • Employment, Directors, and Officers Liability Insurance – This plan is for employee lawsuits or to cover damages and legal fees incurred defending company directors and officers.

How Do I Choose the Right Level of Coverage?

If you own a company, you will always have some risk exposure. There is no way to eliminate that. But at Lake Region Insurance Agency, our goal is to guide your choices based on your budget and daily operations. We help you gain sufficient protection that makes sense for your company. 

Since we are independent agents, we have the freedom to shop the market for the best prices available on the policies that fit your needs. We will not oversell you, but we will make sure you have adequate coverage to protect your investments and livelihood.

Your business is unique. We customize our policy recommendations to every individual owner’s needs and can offer multi-line and multi-policy discounts.

Our agents love working where they live in Greater Minnesota. Our clients are also our neighbors, and we thrive on the trusted relationships we’ve built during more than 50 years of service here.

Visit one of our agents today for a free quote and get started on the road to peace of mind.

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