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Contractor’s General Liability Insurance

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Contractor’s General Liability Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

When you are a contractor in the construction business, you need protection. So many unexpected things can happen on a job site. A general contractor’s insurance policy offers you that protection.

At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we love our community’s construction, design, and architecture professionals. Reach out to talk with us about your policy If you work in one of the following sectors:

  • Residential and commercial builders
  • General contracting
  • Sub-contracting
  • Design firms
  • Construction management
  • Public and private construction project ownership

Call us today for a free insurance review. We’ll help you make sure you have full coverage on your next project, from groundbreaking to grand opening.

What Does a Contractor’s General Liability Policy Cover?

On any job site, you have significant risk exposure as a professional contractor. You are dealing with heavy equipment, sharp tools, ungainly building materials, and construction deadlines. It’s smart and often required to obtain insurance to cover mishaps at the project site.

A contractor’s general liability policy can cover you in the event of loss or damages in the following circumstances:

  • Customer Injury – This policy applies if your client sustains an injury on site. It includes medical expenses, settlements, judgments, funeral costs, and legal fees as needed. 
  • Customer Property Damage – If your crew member damages your client’s property while working, this policy will cover repairs and replacement of the damaged area.
  • Defamation – If you’re ever in a legal fight over branding, logos, slander, or libel, this policy can help you pay legal fees and settlements.

Do I Need a Contractor’s General Liability Policy?

On most building projects, the land or property owner will require proof of a contractor’s general liability insurance. The owner organization will likely have a minimum amount of coverage you must obtain to work on the construction site.

And if by some chance, a job does not require this type of policy, you should still have it in place. The risk of working without adequate coverage is significant. One accident can end up costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. So the peace of mind a policy gives you is well worth it.

Let’s Make Sure You Have What You Need

At Lake Region, our agents can help you understand the requirements of a building site and obtain the necessary coverage. We’ll shop a wide variety of policies to fit your needs and your budget.

It’s vital to us that you understand the coverage limitations of each policy you consider. We’ll help you address any gaps in coverage to be sure you’re protected in the event of a loss or lawsuit.

It’s crucial to remember that business owners and independent contractors benefit from a mosaic of policies. You need coverage not only of your general liability, but also your equipment, business vehicles, and other essential property. Take advantage of a free comprehensive review of all your policies with our team.

The independent agents at Lake Region Insurance Agency are happy to serve the Willmar, New London, and Cokato, MN communities. We value your trust, and we’re always on your side. 

Stop by one of our local offices today for a free quote and policy review. We’re proud of our Greater Minnesota hometown roots, and we welcome each customer into the Lake Region family.

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