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Farm / Agribusiness Insurance

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Farm/Agribusiness Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

In Greater Minnesota, farming and agribusiness are our community’s bread and butter, so to speak. Those in these businesses know how quickly the tide can turn when it comes to profitability. Living at the whim of Mother Nature is unique to our neighbors in agriculture. This is why farm and agribusiness insurance is so critical.

At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we know and understand that agriculture is part of the fabric of our lives in Cokato, New London, and Willmar, MN. Providing comprehensive insurance for our local farmers and agribusiness owners is an honor and a privilege. Our deep local roots and over 50 years of experience make us a smart choice for your insurance needs. 

Call us or visit our website for a free insurance review and quote. We’ll help you choose the right policies for where you are today and for how you want to grow in the future.

Coverage for Your Farm and Agribusiness Insurance Needs

Farm and agribusiness insurance gives you tremendous financial security and protection. Coverage can extend to:

  • Farm Equipment
  • Outbuildings and Structures
  • Livestock 
  • Seeds
  • Feed
  • Grain

Your policy will help you cover medical expenses for your workers, reimburse you for lost or damaged livestock, and repair your farming equipment. It can also include additional living expenses so you can resume your production quickly.

What Events Could Trigger a Claim?

Those with farming and agricultural businesses carry unique risks that other companies don’t face. The profitability of farmers and ranchers can live or die by nature’s twists and turns. And this type of business requires the use of machinery and chemicals that other entrepreneurs don’t need to use. This unpredictability makes it critical that you protect yourself with adequate insurance.

With sufficient coverage in place, your agribusiness or farm can have protection when you face events including:

  • Extreme weather-related damage, such as from tornadoes or blizzards
  • Theft of property or livestock
  • Vandalism
  • Injuries to workers on-site
  • Litigation due to damage your livestock creates

How Much Coverage Should You Purchase?

Your Lake Region independent agents have plenty of experience helping our farming and agribusiness neighbors. We will review your operations and risk exposure and help you get all the necessary policies and endorsements for your protection.

Since we can access plans from many companies, we will make precise recommendations for coverage based on your unique needs and budget. Then your agent will build a policy to cover your equipment, property, livestock, and more. And if you need coverage for your crops, we can discuss that, as well.

We will not upsell you to higher-priced policies because we are not beholden to a specific company. We only work for you. 

Lake Region Is Your Partner In Agribusiness

Visit our website today or stop by one of our local offices in Willmar, Cokato, and New London, MN. As independent agents, we’re always on your side, from policy purchases to fast and fair claims payouts. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your farming business at Lake Region Insurance Agency.

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