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Vineyard & Winery Insurance

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Vineyard & Winery Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

When it comes to owning a vineyard or winery, there is much more to the whole process than simply growing some grapes. The hard work that goes into running these spaces needs protection. There are many potential issues that a vineyard and winery insurance policy will help you withstand. 

Whether it is crop loss, inadvertent varietal blending, or injury to a wine-tasting visitor, you need coverage. And a standard liability policy is probably not giving you the protection your business requires. Anyone in agribusiness has to consider their insurance needs and risk exposure carefully.

The experienced team at Lake Region Insurance Agency can make sure your winery or vineyard has adequate protection. Due to the unique nature of these businesses, general liability is not sufficient. Our agents will work to find the perfect policy or policies to protect you.

We recognize that many products offered by insurance companies are not a perfect fit for vineyards and wineries. With crops, specialty manufacturing equipment, and unique storage equipment, you have particular insurance needs. That’s why we search through all available policies to find just what you require. Reach out today to get started.

What is Vineyard and Winery Insurance 

Vineyard and wineries have an interesting niche when it comes to insurance. You have the same concerns as other companies, such as liability and property damage. But you also have to think about many different potential issues that other businesses do not have to face.

Any company that exists in the agricultural world has risks that other companies do not have. Lawyers don’t need to worry about crop failure due to insects. But you do. Agribusiness companies need special protection since they exist partly at the whim of Mother Nature.

An insurance policy for vineyards and wineries should include coverage for the following:

  • Pest, weather, or chemical damage to crops
  • Transfer and transportation of the wine
  • Wine leakage
  • Issues with blending varietals
  • Recall costs
  • Liquor liability if you have a tasting room
  • Liability if your chemicals drift and cause damage or injury
  • Property, including equipment and outbuildings
  • Crushing equipment and facilities

Be sure you work with the experts at Lake Region to receive the coverage your business requires. We will be able to find the right policy for you. 

Lake Region Has You Covered

At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we know how vital agribusiness is to our Greater Minnesota economy. It is an honor to work with vineyards and wineries to ensure they can stay in business for generations to come.

Our expert agents can offer you many options to fit the needs of your industry. We have scalable insurance solutions that protect your winery and vineyard, no matter the size. And with multi-line and multi-policy discounts, we make sure you have the coverage you need for home and business insurance.

Get the peace of mind you need to move forward with running your business successfully. Call or stop by any of our offices in Willmar, New London, or Cokato, MN, for a thorough policy review

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