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Wholesalers & Distributors Insurance

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Wholesalers & Distributers Insurance Provided By Lake Region Insurance

Wholesalers and distributors are crucial in most industries. They are the lifeblood for any business that makes products to sell. On a daily basis, they supply and deliver the necessities to keep businesses moving forward. Wholesalers and distributors insurance is critical for companies to remain viable.

Working to find a balance between global demand and the needs of your local customers is not an easy task. You manage all of it while working with supply chain logistics, warehouses, trucking fleets, and so much more.

So who is looking out for your best interests? In the Greater Minnesota area, Lake Region Insurance Agency has your back. With all the facets of your wholesale and distributor business, you have a lot of risk exposure. But it is possible to mitigate those risks with the right policy.

Wholesalers and distributors insurance can give you sufficient protection. With all the possible issues that can arise each day, the peace of mind insurance provides is essential. The Lake Region agents will help you safeguard your assets. Give us a call to see how we can help.

What Is Wholesalers and Distributors Insurance?

For products to move from maker to market, there has to be a distribution chain. If your business fills that need, you need significant protection. General liability policies often are not sufficient to cover each part of your operation. That is where wholesale and distributor insurance can help.

From property coverage to legal liability protection, this type of policy will help sustain your business if disaster strikes. The plan will protect you against financial losses due to theft, fire, lawsuits, and more. It is often part of a comprehensive business policy that offers complete coverage.

What Does the Insurance Cover?

There are many moving parts to a wholesale or distributor business. Insurance that fits precisely what you need can make all the difference. You want to protect your inventory, your property, and your reputation so that you don’t suffer the loss of a business interruption.

When you have a sufficient plan in place, your coverage can include:

  • Equipment Malfunction or Breakdown – When other businesses are relying on you to fulfill orders, broken equipment can cost you dearly. Cover this eventuality with the right policy.
  • Property Damage – Fire, burst pipes, and theft can all harm your building and any property inside. The correct coverage will help pay the cost to repair or replace items as needed.
  • Liability – If your products or employees cause damage to someone or their property, lawsuits can ensue. The cost to defend yourself or settle the case can run into tens of thousands of dollars or more. Having insurance in place could be the difference between remaining in business and not.
  • Loss of Income – If a covered event closes down your business for a time, your policy will reimburse you for lost income. Shutdowns are costly and can bring a business to bankruptcy without protection in place.

Protect Yourself and Your Business

As independent agents, the Lake Region Insurance Agency team can work with many companies. This freedom lets us find you the perfect policy or policies to cover your business, your investment, and your income.

Stop in at our offices in Cokato, New London, or Willmar, MN, for a free review of your insurance needs and existing policies. We can’t wait to serve you.

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