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Do I Need Separate RV Insurance?

A motorhome driving through a rock formation going over a road.

One of the most exciting luxuries we insure is RV’s, or Recreational Vehicles. You may find yourself wondering about the logistics; do you need separate RV insurance, or does it fall under auto insurance?

Or perhaps homeowners insurance would be similar because technically, you can live in an RV. We at Lake River Insurance Agency have seen and insured it all, including the mythical RV.

It’s not just the uses of RVs that are unique. The recreational vehicle industry manufactures several types of RVs and motorhomes for personal enjoyment. There are classes of motorhomes often based on the type of transportation offered. Each of those variants creates a need that an insurance policy can cover in case of damage.  

Our goal as independent agents is to provide you with a policy that will allow you peace of mind. We offer policies for home, auto, health, and so much more. Contact us today for a free quote! 

Do I Need Separate RV Insurance?

A car park roof falling on to an RV parked in someone's driveway. I man is stressed and surprised this as happened. To cover accidents like this, you need separate RV insurance.

The short answer to this question is a definite yes. Recreational vehicles are unique because they are a combination of home and auto and have several uses. They can also be a permanent home or a full-time motorhome. 

According to Camp Addict, there are several recreational vehicles, and each presents its own insurance needs. 

Types of Recreational Vehicles

Motorhomes classes A-C

A parked motorhome with a blue paint job.

  • Class A: Best for full-time living and what you may think of like a tour bus – 28 – 45 feet in length/weighs 22,000 to 55,000 pounds
  • Class B: RV components that are added to a van body

           – 19 – 27 feet in length/weighs 8,000 to 14,5000 pounds

  • Class C: RV built on a cutaway chassis, meaning the nose of a van and an RV body. 

           – 24 – 36 feet in length/weighs 10,000 to 14,500 pounds

RV trailers 

A campfire going at a campsite with a pop up trailer.

  • Bumper pull 
  • Pop-up
  • Teardrop 
  • Travel trailers (think rockstar tour bus)
  • Hybrid 
  • 5th Wheel 

Toy hauler RV

An open toy hauler with the ramp extended.

  • Any RV that includes a garage

Truck camper 

A shot of behind a white truck with a truck camper installed in the bed of the truck.

  • A recreational vehicle that may be carried in the bed of a pickup truck. Also known as a slide-in or cab-over.

Something they all have in common is that in every state in the United States, the need for separate RV insurance is mandatory. The type of recreational vehicle/motorhome you own can hold weight in what you need in a policy. 

RVs cannot be placed under auto insurance because you can live in them. They can also not be placed under home insurance because they are a vehicle. That is the exact reason why you need a separate policy for an RV.  

You can add additional coverage for all the bells and whistles available with an RV/motorhome. Or, you can write items such as awnings, slideouts, and electronics into a policy so you and your possessions are covered against the unforeseen. 

Insuring RV/motorhome extras is very much like insuring family heirlooms, home businesses, or other valuables you may own. At Lake Region Insurance Agency, we write policies that offer full protection. 

The purchase of an RV or motorhome is an investment in the recreation of you and your family. Having the proper insurance coverage for your investment is smart and will protect your purchase so you can enjoy it for many years. 

Ensuring a Good Time

A father and sun smiling in front of their RV at a campsite.

Lake Region Insurance Agency is not affiliated with a corporate insurance agency. Thus we have the freedom to work with our clients’ unique needs. When ensuring luxury purchases such as a recreational vehicle, we write the policy to serve the holder.

In this way, we show our love for writing policies, beneficial to each of our clients specifically. Questions often asked when you sit down with an agent include: 

  • How often will the RV/motor home be used? Is it brought out once a year for the family camping trip, or do you live in it?
  • When not in use, is your RV exposed to extreme weather?
  • Where are you bringing your RV/motorhome? Is there wildlife that would damage it, or is there a possibility of theft where you will be?
  • If your RV is a full-time residence for you, what portions of the inside will need to be insured? Items like valuables, electronics, pets, etc., should be considered. 
  • Should you be pulling your RV instead of driving it, are you bringing it to places with insurance for incidents on their property?
  • What size deductible would you like to have for your policy? A deductible would be the amount a client pays out of pocket before insurance pays their portion. Policies can be either high or low deductible. 

There are so many other considerations to mull over, but that is why we are here. We at Lake Region Insurance are not the only ones who believe RVs should be insured separately. 

No one uses their campers/RVs the same way, which is why your policy should be written uniquely for you. We don’t want you to pay for features you don’t use or for you to be without the protection you need. 

It would be best to create an insurance policy to serve you and not hinder you, especially when needed. 

King of the Road for Those in Need of Separate RV Insurance

camping RV

For over 50 years, Lake Region Insurance Agency has been in the game of protecting our community. We believe that each policy should be written specifically for the client to meet their unique needs. If you need separate RV insurance, then look no further!

We want to work with you to create a policy that will serve you and your family in your travels. 

We at Lake Region Insurance Agency offer several types of insurance coverage, and each policy is different. 

We stay away from becoming affiliated with corporate or national chains to offer the best service possible. We do not place pressure on clients to purchase an overpriced policy that doesn’t meet their needs. 

We are also not chained to campaigns or promotions. Our model also lends us the freedom to put the client in control of their policy. 

You will find us in New London, Willmar, and Cokato in Minnesota. We invite you to come in and speak to one of our agents to create the ultimate policy for you. Stop in today, or visit our site for a free quote; we look forward to meeting you!

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