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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Lake Region Agency we are frequently asked about a variety of topics related to insurance. This page covers siz of the most common questions that we receive. 

Whether you are a current Lake Region Agency customer or just thinking about purchasing insurance, we know you will find this information helpful.

1. Does Home Insurance cover damage from fallen trees?

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Yes, home insurance covers damage from fallen trees. It covers damage to the inside and the outside of your property. Fallen trees from storms are some of the most common types of damage to happen to your home, and your home insurance policy should cover it.

If you find any parts of your home—such as the siding, roof, walls, or foundation—have been damaged, then you can use your home insurance to cover the cost of repairs or new installation. You'll find this included in the Exterior Damage section.

How does renters insurance cover theft?

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Renters insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, except it covers your possessions, not the building itself. If you find any loss, damage, or theft occurs to the contents of your home, a renters' policy can cover the cost of those items.

Your policy should include Personal Property Coverage to be sure of this coverage. It protects all your contents in terms of expense to repair or replace your items, should there be fire, theft, or another incident. Many landlords will ask tenants to sign up for renters coverage, so failing to do so could mean you end up paying for all the expenses in case of an incident.

Will home and auto cover severe weather?

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Home insurance covers damage caused by storms or severe weather resulting in damage to the exterior of your property, such as damage to the roof, walls, or foundation. These are the most common damages to the home.

To make sure your Auto insurance also covers storm damage, it has to be a comprehensive policy. These policies work to protect against events beyond your control like fire, floods, and other natural disasters. If you are worried about flooding, it's vital that you add flood coverage since this is a separate policy not included in the original plan.

Is window repair covered by home insurance?

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Window repair coverage in your policy will count as part of the exterior damage protection, which protects all exterior damage such as sidings, windows, and roofing repairs. Windows can require repairs after heavy storms or fallen trees, and it should be covered by your policy.
If you have concerns about natural disasters occurring or flooding more frequently, then do check and see if you want to add additional policies to your basic policy.

What type of insurance do I need for an Airbnb or property I am renting out?

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Anyone who owns an Airbnb or rental property needs the proper insurance for owners to cover all accidents and incidents.

Consider purchasing commercial property coverage for rental properties. This type of insurance protects against liability, which means any damages can be written off as a business expense and provides peace of mind overall.
There are many options as to what kind of policies you can select. There are basics, such as the physical building and the contents, and add-on packages, such as protecting against vandalism.

Be sure to check that your rental insurance covers the building, contents, any loss of rental income, and liability.

Can the rate of my home insurance policy increase?

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Your policy might increase after making a claim. The rate depends on various factors, such as your claim history, the type of claim, the extent of the damage, and where you live. It may also increase based on the number of claims in your area. For example, after a hurricane with many homeowners filing claims near you, the higher volume of filings might make your policy increase.

Keep in mind that an increase does not always mean a permanent rise. After making a claim, you may experience an increase, but generally speaking, this will balance after five years. It is still crucial that you have home insurance if you own a home