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Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance Provided by Lake Region Insurance

Your home is your castle, and many homeowners take that luxury for granted. On occasion, however, the unexpected happens. A freak event can turn your life and security upside down. These are the type of situations where homeowners insurance can be a huge help.

If you feel like you need a checkup on your homeowners insurance policy, stop in to see the Lake Region Insurance Agency team. With offices in Willmar, Cokato, and New London, MN, we are readily available to help.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

As the name suggests, homeowners insurance is a type of property coverage that protects you against loss and damage to your residence. It can cover exterior and interior damage, as well as personal assets in your dwelling. 

It can also provide coverage if someone sustains an injury while at your house. Each policy comes with a liability limit that indicates how high your coverage will go in a claim. Let’s look at the protection a homeowners policy gives you.

  • Interior Damage – This category includes any damage to the inside of the home. For example, it can cover walls, fixtures, flooring, and lighting. A common claim is for water damage from burst pipes or malfunctioning appliances.
  • Exterior Damage – This is coverage for the outside of your property. Components such as the siding, windows, foundation, and roof can get protection here. Common problems for a home’s exterior come from wind storms and falling trees.
  • Loss or Damage of Personal Assets – Policyholders can secure insurance for lost and damaged belongings inside the home. Theft and fire are common reasons for this type of claim. Make sure you work carefully with your agent to get adequate coverage here.
  • Personal Injury – This section helps to cover you for any legal or medical bills you face if a visitor gets injured while on your property. A situation like this can escalate and rack up thousands of dollars in bills, so having a policy in place gives you significant protection.

Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

Do you own a home? Then yes, you need homeowners insurance. And if you have a mortgage on your house, it is likely a mandatory stipulation from the lender. Most mortgage providers require that you have homeowners insurance as long as the loan is in place. They will not lend you the funds until they have proof of your policy.

Many homeowners are under the impression that their homes have protection under mortgage insurance, but this is not accurate. Mortgage insurance has nothing to do with covering your property.

There is another benefit to a homeowners policy. If you cannot live in your home for some time due to extensive damage, your policy may cover the cost of alternative housing. This help during an anxious time is significant.

Want to Know More?

Homeowners insurance should be a priority for anyone who owns a house. It offers protection, reassurance, and peace of mind in a stressful situation. Call Lake Region Insurance Agency today for a free quote on your Minnesota homeowners insurance policy. We’re here to help.

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