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What Is the Lifespan of a Roof?

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For home and business owners everywhere, your greatest security often comes from what’s over your head: your roof. You may have wondered, “What is the lifespan of a roof?” especially if you noticed any signs of damage the last time you looked.

Since many insurance claims occur because of roof issues, let’s break down how long your roof should last, and what to do when it’s time to repair or replace your roof. 

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What Is the Lifespan of a Roof? Depends on the Materials

When installed correctly, roofs are built to last a long time. But they do have expiration dates. The longest-lasting roofs use the right materials for the regional climate. They also receive regular and proactive maintenance.

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A well-built roof can last from 10-100 years, depending on the material. That’s a vast range. The more durable roofing materials available today include:

  • Slate – A classic choice for many homeowners, slate provides a long-lasting and beautiful roofing option. It also offers significant curb appeal. Slate tiles are one of the most costly roofing materials on the market today, but you get what you pay for. A slate roof can hold up for 100 years or longer.
  • Concrete tile – A less expensive tile option, concrete tile roofs work well in high-wind areas like the hurricane-prone southeastern United States.
  • Clay or Stone-Coated Steel Tiles – Also resilient to high winds, these tiles last between 40 and 100 years. They are popular and do well in arid climates like the southwestern states. Occasionally, we see them in the Northland.
  • Metal – Some metal roof options like copper or zinc can last up to 100 years or more. Talk about creating a legacy in your home or business. Metal roofing options may also be more environmentally friendly, due to their long life and potential for recycling or repurposing.

While these materials are more costly to purchase and install, their longevity may be well worth the extra investment.

Roofing materials with a shorter lifespan and lower price tag include:

  • Asphalt – Low-end shingles may only last ten years, while top-of-the-line varieties can endure for over 30 years. Be careful about organic asphalt shingles, also called felt mat shingles, in the Northern Minnesota climate. Some types of asphalt don’t fare well in freezing temperatures or high moisture and humidity. 
  • Wood – Though not as common in roofs today, these shingles still make an appearance on older and newer homes alike. You can enjoy wood roofs for up to 30 years with proper maintenance in the right climate. Be careful about insect pests in a wood roof. Cedar shingles have a natural bug resistance and may be a wise choice if you want a wood roof.

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Most homeowners opt for the longest-lasting roof they can afford within the budget they have. A quality roof covers more than your head. It can protect all your valuable belongings, memories, and keepsakes for generations to come. And although it is a considerable expense at first, over the lifespan, it is an important investment.

Get a Roof Inspection

It’s difficult to tell precisely how old your roof is unless you oversaw its construction. Or perhaps you have accurate records from a previous owner. Regardless of age, an annual roof inspection is a smart idea. Particularly in areas with harsh climates, roofs can take a beating during the year. 

A qualified roofing contractor or inspector can pinpoint any damage or trouble spots that could shorten the life of your roof. They will look for:

  • Peeling or missing shingles
  • Debris on your roof from tree limbs, leaves, or other materials
  • Water damage or watermarks on ceilings, walls, or in the attic
  • Ice dams in the winter, where ice melts, freezes, and accumulates under the shingles.

So when you are asking, “How long should my roof last?” it will depend a lot on maintenance. Getting regular yearly inspections can help you identify small problems before they become expensive disasters. A roof is typically one of the most costly things to repair or replace on a home. So it pays to keep your roof in top shape with regular maintenance.

Report Damage Claims Accurately and Promptly

Of course, despite your best proactive efforts to prolong the life of your roof, disaster can strike at any time. A robust hail storm, a tornado, or a fire can damage or destroy any roof in a matter of moments.

It’s essential to document any damage with photos and a professional inspection. Do this as soon as the weather or smoke clears, and it’s safe to assess the situation. Many local roofing companies offer emergency services and can help you decide your next steps. 

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You’ll need to do the following to restore your roof after a storm or other catastrophic event such as a fire:

  • Have a roofing professional inspect and document the damage to begin filing your homeowner’s insurance claim. Check with your agent to verify coverage. Not every disaster is covered on every policy.
  • Take temporary protective measures to cover holes and leaks or to “Band-Aid” structural issues while planning the next steps.
  • Decide with your roofing contractor or repair specialist whether to fix or replace the roof.
  • Continue following your insurance claims procedure, as detailed in your homeowners’ policy. Be sure to stay in contact with your agent as the process moves forward.

An Expert on Your Side

Lake Region Insurance Agency is here for you and your roof. We help submit a claim whenever Mother Nature or calamity may strike. We work with you from the beginning to be sure you have coverage that fits your needs. 

And as independent agents, we’re on your side for policy choice, speedy claim submission, and prompt payments. Call us or visit our website today for a free insurance review. 


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